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We’re Preferred Providers


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General and cosmetic dental treatments 

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Complete Smile Dental welcomes and accepts all major health fund members & other payment options.

We are preferred providers for select health funds and also accept card/cash payments. Payment plans/finance available.

Our cosmetic dentistry experts can help you achieve and maintain your best smile for life!

Connect with your smile with one of our many cosmetic treatments including Invisalign, crowns, veneers & teeth whitening.

Dental Emergencies - Strong tooth pain, oral infection or trauma? We are ready to help!

Complete Smile Dental provides immediate emergency dental care 5 days a week (business hours). Play safe with our  custom sports mouthguards.

Our dental services are backed by the best.

At Complete Smile Dental, our dental team is recognised by Australia’s top dental organisations.

We are preferred providers for select health funds, and partner with top dental organisations, suppliers and labs

to ensure that your dental care is the safe and of the highest standard.

Oral Health Blog, News & Articles

How to deal with tooth sensitivity

If you experience sudden, sharp pain in your teeth when exposed to certain triggers like hot, cold, sweet, acidic foods or even just touch, it’s time to pay attention. This pain, called dentine hypersensitivity, can be quite uncomfortable and often makes it difficult to enjoy your favourite foods...

The mouth-kidney connection

Did you know that gum disease is more common in people with kidney problems than in the general population? The two-way street connecting gum and kidney health needs your attention if you are serious about taking a comprehensive approach to whole-body wellbeing. For a bit of background, chronic...

Is dry mouth a silent signal of sugar imbalance?

Is dry mouth a silent signal of sugar imbalance?Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is more than just a minor inconvenience. It's a common yet often overlooked condition that might be hinting at a deeper and more serious issue—specifically, an imbalance in blood sugar levels linked to diabetes. While...

Payment Plans available.

We have a Payment Plan solution so that everyone can now afford to have healthy and beautiful smiles.

At Complete Smile Dental, we understand it’s often difficult to come up with funds to pay for your dental treatment, taking this into consideration; we have now introduced ZipMoney as an affordable and flexible interest free payment plan option

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