What type of filling do you need for your cavity?

Tooth fillings are essential dental treatment to help repair and restore function to teeth with small to medium cavities. While most people know what different types of fillings are available, not so many know which ones are more suitable for the cavity they have.   Fillings for pit and fissure cavities Pit and […]


How to help older adults maintain good oral health

In the past, older adults experienced tooth loss much sooner than our present generation of seniors. As a result, they replaced their missing teeth with dentures at an earlier age. While today’s older adults enjoy better overall oral health and tooth retention than those in the past, with this improvement new complications have […]


Dental care for older Australians needs urgent overhaul

The oral health of older Australians is getting worse due to inadequate dental care according to the Australian Dental Association (ADA) – with the most disadvantaged group being those situated in rural and remote areas. Furthermore, the rates of decay, cavities and periodontal (gum) disease are the highest among Australians aged 65 years […]


Taking out private dental health insurance

Life is full of the unforeseeable, but as long as you’re prepared for the worst, you’ll always come out on top. That’s why taking out private dental health cover is the best way to ensure that you get the treatment you need, in the event of an unexpected oral condition or emergency. Extras […]


Childhood stress found to cause thinner tooth enamel formation

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have made important findings regarding the formation of tooth enamel and the related oral health complications for children. The American researchers presented their findings, earlier this year, at the 2019 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The presenter of those […]


Motivating your kids to brush their teeth

For a lot of parents, when it comes to getting their young kids to brush their teeth, it can be an uphill battle. It’s a common problem for kids to be resistant at toothbrush time, and every child is different. However, fear not, there are ways to help motivate your kids to look […]


Oral health concerns for women

As a woman, the general rules for maintaining good oral health still apply, including a healthy, nutritional diet; a good oral care routine; and regular visits to the dentist. However, sometimes women have unique oral health concerns that need to be considered. Hormonal changes and fluctuations can influence the oral cavity, and at […]

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Foods and drinks that keep your teeth healthy, and freshen your breath

A lot of foods and drinks get bad press for the harm they do to your teeth, or the effect they have on your breath. Think sweets, soft drinks and fish. But there are foods and drinks that do the opposite, and consuming them regularly can help clean and protect your teeth, and […]