A lot of time poor people, seeking veneers to improve the shape of their teeth, want to dive straight into treatment with their cosmetic dentist. However, it pays to see an orthodontist – in joint consultation with the cosmetic dentist – beforehand. This is because if you have a misaligned bite or crooked teeth, your cosmetic dentist is going to have to file away natural tooth structure prior to fitting and aligning the veneers.

When prepping for veneers, there is always a requirement to reduce the tooth structure so that veneers can be aligned into a perfectly straight row. But if your teeth are already in alignment via Invisalign before veneer treatment, this results in minimal tooth prep. In most cases, the removal of only a very tiny amount of tooth enamel may be all that’s required. With this more conservative approach it is possible to retain more of your natural tooth structure for better stability and better long term oral health.

However, not all patients require teeth straightening before veneers. It all depends on your level of misalignment and the results you desire. Your cosmetic dentist can advise on the best treatment plan and all possible options to achieve a successful end result.


Invisalign treatment may negate the need for veneers altogether

It’s important to understand the differences between Invisalign and veneers. Invisalign is treatment that is a great way to straighten and align crooked teeth only. On the other hand, veneers correct colour, shape and create the ‘appearance’ of straight teeth.

If you opt for Invisalign first, you may find that upon completing treatment that your smile is almost perfect except for a few discolouration issues and defects in your individual teeth’s shape and form. In this case, you may be able to forgo veneer treatment altogether.

Once in perfect alignment, your cosmetic dentist can professionally whiten your teeth for starters. Then for any minor tooth defects such as uneven shape, chips and wear, your cosmetic dentist can apply composite resin bonding to fix them up. Composite bonding is a modern dental technique that is used to incrementally build up the edges and structure of individual teeth with tooth-coloured resin. The adhesive materials used in this process bond permanently in single or multiple applications and last a very long time.




Healthy Smile Dental provides conservative smile makeovers for better oral health outcomes

The treatment options with regards to veneers mentioned above discuss treatment options that vary in time, expense and results. To understand the smile makeover options that best suit you, come in and have a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists.

You’ll receive an examination and assessment after which we can explain the most effective treatment options – whether it’s Invisalign, veneers or other potential treatment options. We fully inform you on the risks, benefits and costs involved, as well as answer any queries you have so that you’re able to make an informed decision on your preferred treatment plan.