For a lot of parents, when it comes to getting their young kids to brush their teeth, it can be an uphill battle. It’s a common problem for kids to be resistant at toothbrush time, and every child is different. However, fear not, there are ways to help motivate your kids to look forward to and enjoy brushing their teeth.

Go shopping together for toothbrushes and toothpaste

A great way to get kids started is to take them shopping to choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste. There’s a huge range of kids’ toothbrushes available, and there is sure to be one in the colour they like, that is decorated with their favourite cartoon character – from Hello Kitty to a number of Disney favourites. As long as their toothbrush has soft bristles and fits comfortably into their mouths – especially the back of the mouth with the tight spaces.

Kids’ toothpastes also come in a range of exciting flavours and colours, such as berry bubblegum and watermelon. Just make sure that the toothpaste contains fluoride because can help to protect kids’ teeth from decay and cavities. Teach them to spit it out and don’t swallow – long term toothpaste ingestion may cause fluorosis.

Make a game out of tooth brushing time!

Try playing games, singing songs and, after finishing brushing, have a fun activity ready for them to look forward to, such as storytelling. If you want to go high tech, try an interactive app to get your kid excited about brushing. There are a number available on the market, and you can even get bluetooth electric toothbrush and app combos, such as the Philips Sonicare For Kids. This type of app can time and monitor your child’s progress and performance, while educating and rewarding them for a good brushing performance in a fun way. Surveys show that these apps motivate kids to brush longer and develop better brushing technique.

Remember, the name of the game is to instil healthy oral care habits in your kids that will last a lifetime, and help prevent a number adult oral health issues and complications in the future.