At Complete Smile Dental, our website packed with handy tips and information on how to look after your oral health. We also want to make it fun and exciting for our young patients too!

We have online games that will inspire their creative minds, and test their motor skills and memory.

Puzzle Game

Ready for a challenge?

Here’s a game for everyone to play.

First, you choose the puzzle picture. Then you set the level of difficulty by selecting the number of pieces in the puzzle. After that, click PLAY NOW and watch your picture scramble before your eyes.

To play, simply click and drag each puzzle piece to its correct location until the picture is complete. But watch out, it’s a race against the clock – we have a timer to see who can do it the fastest!


Memory Game

Everybody loves a loves a challenging memory game. So we have made one that everyone can enjoy.

All you need to do is match the exact pairs to win!

Parents, you can also explore each image with your child to help them understand what they need to do to keep their teeth strong and healthy.


Colouring Game

Explore your creativity!

Simply choose a picture, select a colour and paint brush size, and you are ready to start colouring in!

You can even do this at home. Once you’ve finished, simply save the image and print out your own work of art – all without any messy paint and brushes.