We all know that we should brush our teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day, but there is some confusion regarding the right time to do so. So to set the record straight, let’s look at the best times of the day to brush your teeth, as recommended by dentists:

    You should hit the hay with an ultra-clean mouth. Why? Because when you sleep at night, your saliva output drops naturally, and your mouth dries out. This creates the ideal moist environment that allows oral bacteria to thrive and reproduce…for several hours. In that time, the number of bacterial microbes can quadruple in number! If your teeth aren’t free of plaque and food debris at night, they can start to decay while you sleep.
    Brushing your teeth after waking up is important to remove any bacterial bio-films, such as slimy plaque, that have developed on your tooth surfaces overnight. Brushing straight after breakfast is not recommended because of the acidic nature of some breakfast foods and beverages, such as orange juice.
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    You can still brush at other times of the day, but don’t forget that your saliva production is going to be cleansing your mouth anyway, as long as you are adequately hydrated (with water not soft drinks!).

    Keeping your teeth cleaner during the day

    Swill, swish and rinse your mouth with water or an alkaline rinse to wash away any food debris and residue after a snack or meal. Munch on teeth-cleansing foods, such as apples and celery, for a nutritious snack. Last but not least, have a pack of non-citric, sugar-free chewing gum handy. If it contains xylitol, that’s even better. Chewing gum can absorb and eliminate oral bacteria from your teeth extremely well…plus it freshens your breath.