Even with all of the technology and improvements in today’s dental industry, the dental practice is still not seen as a fun or comfortable place to visit. however, does it have to be this way? no.

At Complete Smile, we believe that it is possible to feel comfortable in our waiting area and during dental treatment. To help achieve this, we have designed our practices with features that take you, the patient, into consideration. So what are these comforts? Let’s list them:

  • The latest magazines to read in the waiting room.
  • Large screen to watch television while waiting.
  • LCD screens and Sennheiser headphones to use during dental procedures.
  • LCD screens and headphones for family members to watch while waiting in the surgery.
  • Media Centre facilities*.
  • 27 inch touch screen to know more about dental health.
  • The latest diagnostic dental tools.

The-Gap-Complete-Smile-Dental-clinic*WHAT IS MEDIA CENTRE?

Media Centre is a program that allows you to choose and watch all live-to-air television channels at the push of a button. It also allows you to watch one of the many movie and music DVDs that we have available. If watching video is not your idea of comfort, then we also have music and radio stations for you to choose from.

At Complete Smile Dental, we will do everything to make you feel relaxed and at ease, while we concentrate on the care of your teeth and gums.