Our beliefs

What do we believe in?

Clinically, we believe that prevention is more important than the cure when it comes to oral disease. In today’s busy, modern society, more and more oral health issues have arisen, and too many teeth are being lost due to poor oral hygiene. In our practices, we always believe in ACTIVE MAINTENANCE.

Active Maintenance speaks of the roles that you, the patient, and us, your dental team, have to play in order to maintain the health of not only your teeth, but of your gums, oral mucosa and jaw bone. In order to have healthy teeth and gums, we must work together to actively maintain every aspect of our daily oral health needs.

Our recent history

After two years away from The Gap, Dr Stephen Wong is thrilled to return here, after having spent ten years servicing the local community. Many of his patients have stayed loyal and sought his services throughout the years he was away, so Stephen has decided to return. As always, he is assisted by a professional, friendly and caring dental team that provides you with the best possible dental care and treatment.

We are located next to The Coffee Club and Suncorp Bank, and our opening hours (including Saturdays) take a working family’s schedule into consideration. Our practice offers the latest dental technology and equipment to make you feel comfortable and reassured during your visit.

Quality, affordable care for everybody

Complete Smile Dental is not marketed or geared to any one dental demographic. Rather, we believe that our practices should cater for everyone. We priding ourselves in treating the WHOLE family, and we love to treat kids, married couples, single students and the elderly alike. Our treatment philosophy includes taking a holistic approach that embraces the specific needs of each individual.

We believe patients should definitely not be ‘sold’ a particular treatment – based on a pre-determined “what WE think they SHOULD have” attitude. Instead, all of our patients are fully informed about their treatment options, and are encouraged to choose the course of treatment that best suits their needs, schedule and budget.

We are community focused

Is Dentistry just a business? Definitely not!

As Complete Smile Dental continues to grow and become more established, we want to build more bridges into our surrounding communities. As respected members of the health community, we see it as our responsibility and privilege to contribute to the oral health needs of our local community.

Our patients are ultimately at the core of everything Complete Smile Dental stands for. Because of this, we will always be looking for opportunities to be involved with the health of our patients, and we always welcome suggestions and feedback regarding our support.

Better Dental Care is Our Mission

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