Invisalign Express (i7)/Lite

Invisalign Express (i7) and Invisalign Lite are suitable for adults who have minor orthodontic issues with their front teeth. These express treatment options are also designed for minor cosmetic corrections.

Invisalign Express achieves results in approximately 3 months while Invisalign Lite is a little longer at 6-7 months.

Invisalign Express compliments cosmetic treatment 

Invisalign Express has a short treatment time, making it an ideal option for those requiring teeth straightening before  cosmetic or 

restorative dental procedures, including veneers & composite bonding.

Is Invisalign Express (i7)/Lite suitable for you?

Invisalign Express can correct simple malclussion issues with the following  clinical criteria:

  • no greater than 2 mm of  crowding or spacing within top and bottom rows of teeth
  • no greater than 2 mm of necessary midline correction
  • no greater than 1.5 mm of necessary dental expansion
  • minimal rotation of incisors, cuspids and bicuspids


*Treatment times vary with Invisalign Express, Invisalign Go, and Invisalign Lite treatment depending on individual patient needs and must be determined by your dentist.


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