Invisalign for teenagers (ages 12-18)


Younger teenagers benefit the most

from getting their teeth alignment issues

‘straightened out’ earlier.


At this life stage, their adult teeth have

‘freshly’ emerged and are more adaptable to

shifting and adjustment via clear aligner

orthodontic treatment.


Invisalign Teen provides a less noticeable,

convenient & healthier way for teens to

straighten their teeth – with many lifestyle,

social & oral-health benefits!


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Invisalign Teen – the benefits of clear aligners for teenagers

Invisalign clear aligners are ideal for people of all ages in good oral health. However, the optimal age range to get orthodontic treatment is between 12 and 13 years old. Why?

At this life stage, preteens or teens have almost all their adult teeth in place. Additionally, their developing oral structure is still very adaptable. This makes it easier to shift and seat tooth roots to new positions.

The other major benefit is that ‘Invisi’ teens get to enjoy the oral and cosmetic benefits much earlier in life than adult patients.

The benefits of Invisalign Teen include:

  • Better “smile” confidence
  • More natural facial aesthetics
  • Corrected bite for effective chewing and biting ability
  • Reduced risk of tooth wear & tear from correcting uneven bites
  • Easier oral care and hygiene routine with less hidden surfaces to clean
  • Better oral health by eliminating more hard-to-reach areas that are  hidden plaque hotspots.
  • Simple design to suit active teens  playing sports and musical intsruments.

How are Invisalign Teen aligners designed to help teenagers?

Invisalign Teen has added features specifically designed for developing teenagers. They accomodate the eruption of adult canines, pre-molars and molars. They also come with wear-time colour indicators and 6 free replacement aligners.

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