Latest Diagnostics

All of the dentists at Complete Smile Dental believe that if we were treating a health professional then we would only use the best technology to diagnose their oral health issues.

In the same way, the Complete Smile Dental team use the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately identify and diagnose the earliest signs of any oral health issues that you and your family may have.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays allow us to see what is going on, in, under, and in between teeth. X-rays are very important for diagnosing decay, oral infections and other dental issues that aren’t visible in a normal visual examination.


Unfortunately, the source of most types of dental pain can only be seen with x-rays. Digital x-rays require a significantly lesser amount of radiation than standard developed x-rays, in order to produce the same imaging quality.

Intra-Oral cameras

Intra-oral cameras allow you, the patient; to see what we, the practitioner, see when we are looking inside your mouth.