Oral surgery is a very broad term that can be used to describe a variety or surgical procedures. generally speaking, the term is best used in association with dental extractions and other related dental procedures.

Dental extractions are usually carried out for a number of reasons, when:

  • A tooth is too broken or decayed to be restored normally.
  • A tooth is periodontically compromised – meaning the bone and gums surrounding the tooth have receded or changed, causing the tooth to loosen.
  • A tooth has developed an infection which cannot be resolved.
  • As part of an orthodontic treatment plan.
  • A patient does not wish to restore or save the affected tooth.

At Complete Smile, all oral surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia (LA or “a needle”). There are adjuncts, such as happy gas/nitrous oxide and topical numbing cream that can be used. However, if a general anaesthetic is required, then a referral to an oral surgeon needs to be given.