Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop in the mouth. their name stems from the fact that some people develop extra “supernumerary” teeth, even though some do not develop any. the underlying issue is that not everyone has enough space in their jaw for these teeth to erupt. sometimes, this leads to the teeth only partially erupting through the gums. furthermore, the tooth may not always emerge in the right direction, and have been known to lie horizontally, facing the tooth in front.


Our dental clinic in The Gap, Brisbane can provide you with preventative and restorative dental treatment to ensure your long term oral health, including root canal therapy.

There are several general reasons as to why wisdom teeth need to be removed:

  1. Due to their partial eruption, a lot of food collects around the tooth and leads to continual gum infections around the tooth.
  2. Due to the awkward angle of the tooth when it erupts, it can damage the tooth in front of it or the surrounding soft tissue of the cheek and gums.
  3. As these teeth are located at the back of the mouth, many people find it difficult to clean them and end up experiencing tooth decay. In these cases, it is usually easier, and also a better dentally option to remove the tooth in favour of the patient’s long term oral health.

The reason why wisdom tooth extraction of has such a bad reputation is because of the difficult position of the tooth and the unpredictable shape of its roots. Every year, many are removed without any problems; however, there are definitely difficult cases.

Unfortunately, like most things, it is the negative stories that are heard more often and this has led to the undeserved connotations surrounding wisdom teeth removal which is usually a problem-free dental procedure.

If any case is considered too difficult to carry out at Complete Smile Dental, we have a list of very capable and professional oral surgeons that we refer our cases to. Furthermore, if any patients wish to have their surgery performed under general anaesthetic, we would need to refer them to an oral surgeon as well.

If you are looking for wisdom teeth removal in The Gap or elsewhere in Brisbane, come to Complete Smile Dental. Our team will provide you with the highest standards of dental treatment and care.

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