Your Children

Proud Children’s Dentist for The Gap and Wider Brisbane

In today’s dental industry, we find many of our colleagues refuse to treat children, and often refer their younger patients to specialists before even attempting to treat their dental problems. at complete smile, we believe in treating the whole family – and not just the patients that are considered “easy” to treat.

We understand the needs of children when it comes to dental treatment
Some children are scared of pain or unfamiliar people and environments, and find going to the dentist a daunting task. However, we fully understand dental anxiety, and feel it is important to make your child feel as welcome and comfortable as possible in our practice. It works both ways, and we can provide treatment more effectively if we have your child’s trust and patience.

In times when specialist dental treatment is required, we will not hesitate to refer your child to the most appropriate dental professional. However, we won’t do unless absolutely necessary. Instead of being palmed off to another dentist for no good reason, we use our experience and expertise to provide your whole family with the dental care they deserve. We also ensure our dental services are affordable, accessible and of the highest quality standards.

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Dental health and hygiene is vital at any age, but it is particularly important during early childhood when the body is growing and developing rapidly.

Our “child-friendly” dental team can help ease this transition which may involve shifting gums and emerging adult teeth. We prefer to educate them about healthy oral habits from an early age to establish a good foundation for their long-term dental health. If you choose us as your family dentist, it won’t be long before your kids feel completely carefree and confident about dental treatment – since the most they’ll expect is a check-up and clean if they are practicing good oral care and hygiene.

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